How has COVID-19 impacted Digital Transformation & shopper habits?

From February onwards we have seen a massive rise in online retail and the shift to online in general. During lockdown many of us relied upon the internet to source our everyday essentials and became digitally comfortable with using technology to ensure we maintained communication and relationships both in the workplace and in our personal lives (we have all probably seen Princess Anne showing the Queen how to use Zoom…). The convenience of online shopping at your finger tips, and lockdown as an acute catalyst for everyone’s digital adoption journey, has changed the habits of many and has brought about a lasting shift to online as we see no slow down in this trend as we emerge out of lockdown.
Covid19 has been an unavoidable disruptor that has led to a decades worth of Digital Transformation delivered in just three months. The latest ONS statistics are out now and they tell quite the story, the unquestionable business case for your own Digital Transformation Programme.
The retail landscape has been evolving for years, but the last 4 months has led to such an unprecedented change in shopper behaviour, if you aren’t prioritising this channel and focusing on digital experience and eCommerce capability, you will inevitably struggle to sustain your brand and proposition, and future proof your business against any other lockdowns in the future.
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